All the way to drive on the Aqua Line (Tokyo - Japan)

All the way to drive on the Aqua Line

[ Mar.2016 ] We went all the way to go through a road called  Tokyo Bay Aqua Line, which connects Kisarazu in Chiba and Kawasaki in Kanagawa, as my family recommended it. This road is located in the Tokyo Bay. The whole length is 14km and it consists of a bridge of 4.4km (on the Kisarazu side) and a undersea tunnel of 9.6km (on the Kawasaki side). It was open to public in 1997 after 9 years’ construction works. There is a parking area called Umihotaru (sea firefly) made of an artificial island where the bridge meets the tunnel. We went there and stood under the strong wind. There were many shops and restaurants there. Surely it was interesting to feel that we were in the middle of the sea, but to be honest, I did not get moved so much as my family did. Apprently, when they went there last time, it was the New Year time and the air was so clear that they could see the Mt.Fuji clearly. Also the sea was fairly choppy, so they seemed to have felt a bit of thrill driving in the sea. Unfortunately the day we were there, the weather was heavily overcast and the sea was very quiet. And of course we could not see the Mt.Fuji.

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