Steiku Haoss (Riga - Latvia)

Steiku Haoss

[ July2016 ] When we arrived in Riga in Latvia, it was already after 10pm. We thought it could be too late for eating, but we found many restaurants open in the cobbled street close to our hotel. We chose one which was lively but seemed to have some tables left. The name of the restaurant was Steiku Haoss. I had a nice familiar feeling with the word “Steiku” with u at the end (as Japanese words are nomally with the vowels at the end). “Haoss” was not house, but chaos apparently. We had steak at the outside table. I chose bone marrow again as the garnish. I tried this combination in Slovakia for the first time and liked it. I have not seen this coupling in any other countries. I wonder if it is popular only in the ex-Warsaw Treaty Organization countries. The Creme Brulee I had for the dessert was nice and simple like the ones made at home.

When we finished our meal, it was about midnight. Still the colour of the sky was the one of Blue Hours. It made me think of the latitude. The later it became, the more customers came to the restaurant.

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