To the market by bus (Latvia)

To the market by bus

[ July2016 ] The next day was Saturday. I had searched in advance and found that there would be a market called Kalnciems Fair outside of the old town of the city. It was open from 10am to 4pm only, so we decided to go there first. It is an unknown place for us so we thought of taking a taxi, but the receptionist at our hotel told us how to get there by bus in detail, so we decided to try that. First, we bought the pretty tickets at the kiosk. It was 1.15 euros per ride. We got on the bus No.22 as we were told and punched the tickets or rather touched the machine like Oyster card in London. The bus was functional. They showed next three stops on the screen, so the first time tourists like us could relax.

The market was very good with high quality goods. They were selling from foods such as bread and honey to handicrafts such as accessories and clothes. There were many things I wanted to buy. I did not know that Riga was a shopping paradise. In the end, we bought a three dimensional hand painted plate and some jewelleries. Most of the vendors were very friendly and they looked genuinly happy when we bought their things, which made us happy, too.

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