[ Sept.2013 ] I continue talking about my second visit to Prague after 19 years.

Last time I noticed only a few suvenir shops, mainly selling glassware or wood craft things, but this time I noticed many jewellery shops — the reason could be just the change of my taste.

In those jewellery shops they sell a lot of garnet and amber accessories, but I was more interested in Moldavite which was mentioned in my guide book.

This is a green stone produced only in Bohemia.

I looked for a major jewellery shop called Granat Turnov and there I saw this Moldavite.

The colour is transparant green, which is not so bright, but I liked it.

Most of what they had there were asccessories with small stones, but I chose a ring with the largest stone.

I asked the shop assistant about the bright green or blue green amber accessories I found all over the town and found that they are not natural as I suspected.

The garnet ones are sometimes not real, either.

You need to have a good eye.

As for a neckless of garnet, there was one that I liked very much, sold in a antique shop in a quiet area, but it cost more than 2000 euros…