After 19 years

After 19 years

[ Sept.2013 ] We went to Prague with our Italian friends.

It was the second time for me to visit there.

The first time was in 1994, which is the year after Czech and Slovakia divorced and I needed a visa to enter the country.

It was only a few years after their regime changed and people could not afford to dress up.

I remember that while the town was very beautiful, people looked rather dull.

So I was looking forward to seeing how they have changed during the 19 years.

And I was surprised to see that Prague has become a massive tourist city.

The streets were full of tourists from all over the world.

They were too many for me to see who were the local people.

In the end I could not see any ordinary Czech people who were not working in tourism.

Probably as a country, they take the income from tourism very seriously.

The services for tourists were well done.

Not only hotel people, but shop assistants in a small souvenir shops understood Italian.

The town did not change and it was beautiful as ever.

We were lucky with the weather, too.

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