The Old-New Synagogue

The Old-New Synagogue

[ Sept.2013 ] On the last day in Prague, we visited Jewish quarter.

We did not have so much time, so we visited only The Old-New Synagogue, which was said “Do not miss” in my guide book.

To enter here, you need to pay as much as 200 CZK (8 euro), which is a bit expensive, I thought.

This synagogue was built in the last third of 13th century, and it is the oldest one in Europe as a working synagogue.

There are some legends here, one of which is that the angels transformed themselves to doves to protect this synagogue from so many fire incidents in the Jewish area.

Another one is that “Golem“, the imaginary creature made of clay lives in the attic here to protect Jewish community.

In fact there were booths selling “Golems” around here.

The most interesting thing for me was that all men who wanted to enter here needed to wear the small Jewish hat called Kippah.

Small navy paper kippahs were provided and everyone had it on their head.

Amazingly all of them looked Jewish with that little hat.

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