Monumentale is a museum

Monumentale is a museum

[ Jan.2015 ] The front of the Monumentale, the big cemetery in Milan is so grand that I always wanted to visit there.

In one sunny weekend, I did.

This place opened for public in 1866.

Although it is a graveyard, the atmosphere was nice and bright.

The huge site was choked up with elaborate gravestones, In fact they were too good to be gravestones.

Some were buildings and others were lovely sculptures.

The gravestone of Campari family, the famous liqueur maker, was “the Last Supper“.

I saw one grave of a family called Pasta.

The historical famous people’s graves such as Manzoni, the poet or Verdi, the composer were inside the grand building called Famedio.

There was one man taking photos seriously, so we asked him for the direction.

After telling us some information, he said “This place is really a museum”  being excited.

I agree.

There were some signs pointing where to look for the gravestones made by famous architects or sculptors.

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