Mr. Sea and Mr. Mountain

Mr. Sea and Mr. Mountain

[ Jan.2015 ] When we are travelling, the local people we meet are usually the ones who work in tourism.

So this time in Vietnam, too, I have got the image of the Vietnamese people mainly from our guides.

The first guide was Mr.Hai ( the name means ‘the sea’) and he was 28 years old.

He was an energetic man and a good commander with a loud voice.

When he explained that the seasoning of the foods are different between the north part of Vietnam and the south, he said “My mother used a lot of suger and a little bit of chili, but my wife puts only chili a lot.

When I got married, I tried to complain about it, but generally the wives are stronger.

I used to be fat, but now I got thiner”.

He was a quite humorous guy.

The other guide, who took us to Hue was Mr.Son (meaning ‘mountain’) and he was 41 years old.

He was a quiet gentle person.

He showed us his family photos.

His young wife was 27 years old and he had two children, one was three and the other was only 5 months old.

He was a real family man.

Both guides explained things in Japanese.

They were fairly good, but not perfect and I sometimes needed my imagination.

Those rickshaw drivers we met in Da Nang, and the shop assistant, Ms.

Len at the foot of Marble Mountain and all others were all fundamentally nice people.

We may have been overchatged a few times, but after all the amount was small.

It was really a lovely holiday without any bad experiences at all.