Museum which used to be a palace

Museum which used to be a palace

[ July, 2014 ] The City Museum in Sibenik in Croatia is in a building which used to be a palace of the duke who was the highest representative of the government.

It was built in the 13th century and rebuilt repeatedly until the 18th century, so apparently it has lost the authenticity inside.

The palace was a part of the city wall.

The exhibits were things that showed the history of Sibenik from 6000 BC up to 1797 when the Venetian rule ended.

Among them I was attracted to some ancient accessories.

There were some that if they sold it now, I would like to buy.

Human beings have not changed much at the bottom line since the ancient time.

After visiting the museum, we went to the bus station after 6 o’clock and found that there was not a bus back to Zadar until 8:40.

We were too tired to walk on, so killed the time on a bench facing the port.

At least we could see the beautiful sunset.