Soprano (Zadar - Croatia)


[ July, 2014 ] We saw a poster saying that there was a concert of three sopranos at 9 pm at Petra Zoranica Square just next to the “5 wells” Square in Zadar, Croatia.

So we went there to be in time, but the concert had already started.

We joined the crowd, thinking “Croatians may be the people who are not punctual”.

We knew that this concert was for rasing the fund to rebuild a theatre nearby, so expected that we needed to buy tickets, but in fact it was just like a street performance.

Anyone could listen as much as they want and if they liked, they could put some money in the basket.

All of the three had a very good voice and looked nice, too in red dress.

One of them sounded like a musical singer, but others were classical ones.

The songs were mostly popular numbers from famous musicals or Naples folk songs, which we enjoyed very much.

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