Movenpick Hotel in Amsterdam

Movenpick Hotel in Amsterdam

[March, 2011] I chose Movenpick Hotel in Amsterdam.

They gave me a very big room, which was nice with modern interior with the atmosphere of 70s, a trend of big chain hotels all over the place.

There were two problems, though.

First, they announced it was 100% non-smoking hotel, but one day when I came back to the room, the tobacco smell was so strong that I needed to call someone to come and spray air freshener.

Second is that inthe check-out morning, a cleaner came to my room around 10am and said ‘ oh, you are still in’ and went without any apologies.

When I was asked to fill a questionnaire afterwards, I wrote about this.

Then they sent me an email, saying that they would review their staff training.

I hope it is fixed now.

As for the location, it is situated behind the central station, which looks near enough by a map, but it is too far to walk with heavy luggage.

It may be good if you get familiar with tram No.25, but I used taxi many times after getting tired walking around the town.

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