Have a beautiful cove to ourselves

Have a beautiful cove to ourselves
the bridge we went through in Syracuse port
we needed to crouch down to go under the bridge

[Aug. 2022] The final destination of our boat trip starting from the port of Syracuse in Sicily, Italy, was a cove in a nature reserve.

The Libeccio wind was strong, so the boatman changed his original plan to go around the open sea to get here and instead, we went through the Ortigia port, going under the bridge where we needed to crouch down.

On this side of Ortigia, the wind was not so strong that we could sail without fear.

So, I was able to comfortably see the scenery of Ortigia island with the castle at the end.

We arrived at the cove surrounded by bright beige cliffs, and the beauty of the sea was amazing!

a part of nature reserve near Syracuse
beautiful scene of nature reserve

When we arrived, a group of young people were playing in the sea.

We were also going to take a dip here.

I’m not a very good swimmer, so I was given a life jacket as usual.

Thanks to that, I was able to enjoy the sea while floating.

The water temperature was just right and it was really a wonderful experience.

Although the water was so clean, it was strange that we did not see any fish.

The youth group soon left, so the two of us had this piece of paradise to ourselves.

After playing in the sea for a while, we relaxed sitting in shallow water.

the cove within the nature reserve near Syracuse
people were swimming in the sea

The bright blue sky and the blue-green colour of the water were impressive.

After enjoying it and thoroughly satisfied, we headed back to the boat waiting for us.

Here on board, bottled spritz was served.

Even though it was bottled, it tasted pretty good.

And we chatted with this young boatman on board.

He showed us a video of this cove taken from a drone.

The colour of the water was amazing blue.

I saw a few people walking on the cliff, and they must have seen this kind of blue colour.

our boatman of the boat trip from Syracuse
the boatman telling us about his experience

He said that he lived on the cliff on the other side with the caves we saw earlier, and that in the winter there were big waves that make the roads, cars, and everything else in the area were covered with sea salt.

He works as an engineer in the winter, and he has travelled around the world as a sailor.

For him the Strait of Panama was particularly impressive.

He also said he paid $200 to climb to the rooftop of Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

He also lived in Nottingham, England for two years.

He was such an international person, so I thought he might know a good Japanese restaurant in Syracuse and asked about it, because where the fish are fresh, usually Japanese foods are good.

But he did not know any because although he travelled a lot in the world, he was quite conservative about foods and he did not like any Japanese or Chinese foods.

Instead, he introduced us to a good local restaurant.

After chatting for a while, we returned to the port and finished a very fulfilling boat trip.