Ride a personal watercraft and a classic car at Varadero

Ride a personal watercraft and a classic car at Varadero

[April 2010] On the second day in Varadero, Cuba, we first participated in an attraction called “Boat Adventure”.

It’s a tour of the inland sea of ​​the mangrove and a bit of the open sea on a personal watercraft.

the personal watercrafts in a row going in the inland sea in Varadero
riding on the personal watercraft

It was my first time to ride a personal watercraft.

My husband sat in the driver’s seat and I sat behind him.

As the instructor told me, I turned my arm back and grabbed the handle behind the back seat and started.

But I felt a lot of waves, especially in the open sea, and several times, there were moments when the ruin was infinitely close and I felt “Oh, this is the end of my life”.

Certainly, I heard a news that someone in Chiba or Ibaraki prefectures  in Japan who was shaken off the personal watercraft and died after this trip of ours.

I am grateful for being here now.

After a while, I grabbed my husband’s life jacket in front of me with one hand, and I became less scared and enjoyed riding the waves.

an iguana in the zoo
an iguana on the island

On the way, we stopped by the island and saw flamingos and iguanas at a place they called zoo, but this was not a big deal.

I think that riding the personal watercraft itself was the highlight.

By the way, the other participants were all young people who could be our next generation.

We felt we did very well thinking about our age.

In the afternoon, we took a double-decker bus to the town of Varadero.

Before we got there, we stopped at a number of hotels similar to the one we were staying at (similar to the hotel area we encountered in Da Nang, Vietnam five years after this trip. ).

taxis in a row waiting for the customers in Varadero town
the taxis waiting for the customers in Varadero town

This area has become an impersonal land unrelated to the real Cuba.

This was probably the core of “Tourism that saved Cuba after the collapse of the Soviet Union”, which the guide Miguel, whom we met in Trinidad, told us.

The town of Varadero, which we finally arrived at, was also an artificial tourist town.

We were hoping for a town with people’s life that we had seen on the way to Varadero the day before, so we were very disappointed.

When we asked the taxi driver who was waiting for the customer if he would take us to another town, he refused because it was not easy to go and come back.

That was a shame.

I just bought a T-shirt in this town and decided to go back to the hotel.

However, it was fun after that.

the taxi driver driving the classic car
the taxi driver and inside the car

Some of the taxis lined up were cool old American cars, and we jumped over the others and had a ride on one of them.

I had been curious to see what it was like to ride on one, so I was excited.

The ride was good, the room inside the car was spacious and the seats were very soft.

It was a beautiful green car.

a taxi of a classic car in front of a hotel entrance
arrived at the hotel

It was a short time, but it was great fun!

After that, we took a walk along the beach, ate shrimp and pork for dinner, and the day was over.

Well, I think it was an active day at the resort.