Sounds of organ

Sounds of organ

[ Nov.2013 ] One morning in Rome, the sound of organ woke us up.

There was a church right next to the hotel and the sounds were from there.

Our room was situated at the end of the corridor, so the volume was quite high.

It was not a beautiful religious music, but more like a sound of tuning.

We decided to have a look.

The church is called Sant’Antonio dei Portoghesi and it was originally built in the mid 15th century for Portuguese in Rome, dedicated to St.

Anthony who was born in Portugal.

They were doing some renovation work inside, so I could not see all, but I could see the organ in front of the altar.

The pipes are up on the balcony at the back, but the player would sit in front of the people, which I have never seen before.

I looked up and found that this organ was highly technological creation and installed only 5 years ago.

I would have come to the concert if I have know that…