Purveyor to Japanese tourists?

Purveyor to Japanese tourists?

[ Nov.

2013 ] Our last feast in Rome was at Da Felice a Testaccio, which was included in the list our friend made.

It is in Testaccio area which used to be a working class town.

But now it seemed to be a trendy place.

That is the tendency now all over the world.

What I was surprised in this restaurant was that there were so many Japanese customers.

The restaurant was not so big, but four tables were occupied by Japanese people including me.

It must have been introduced in a TV program in Japan…

I chose cod as a starter and very rich lamb for the main, but the speciality here seemed a pasta dish.

The waiter brought a heavy looking hand-made pasta dish to the table and he stired it on the table.

By the way, you see the different menu depending on the day of the week.