Hida Beef

Hida Beef

[ Mar.2016 ] We went to Takayama, in Gifu Prefecture, from Shirakawago in Japan by bus.

What I was looking forward to in Takayama was trying Hida Beef.

It is one of the most well known kinds of Japanese beef.

As soon as we left our luggage in the hotel, we went out and looked for the restaurant run by a butcher which was introduced by a friend of mine.

It is called “Yamatake Shouten“.

They have a restaurant upstairs.

When we entered there we saw a kind of fridge you would see in a supermarket and the packed meat were there.

The staff told us that usually people eat 200g each, so we chose 600g for two and had them prepared.

We could take as many vegetables as we wanted.

As for wine, there was a small wine rack and we chose one on our own.

Very interesting! And we grilled the meat ourselves.

The marbled beef was very tasty.

The 600g was gone very quickly and my husband said that we could eat a bit more, so we ordered another 300g.

Well, it was too much in the end, but of course we ate all.

This shop has got their own stock farm.

The meat was 1480 yen per 100g.

It seemed that it is listed in some foreign guide books.

Many of the customers were non-Japanese.