Ride on a Gondola

Ride on a Gondola

[ Oct.2015 ] We had a ride on a gondola again in Venice.

There was four of us this time and the gondolier told the heavier men to sit on one side, so the boat leaned to one side, which made me worried, but apparently that is the way to row a gondola.

We spent a very nice half an hour, looking up at the lovely buildings from the low position, seeing the traffic in this city and going under some bridges.

Because the weather was very good, many gondolas were on the canals.

I wondered how they managed to not bump into each other.

The gondolier last time talked a lot, but this one was rather quiet, though he gave us the basic information, such as: there are 520 bridges, the water depth is 2 metres, the number of gondoliers is 420, the population in Venice is 60,000 and 20m tourists come every year.

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