The hotel in front

The hotel in front

[ Feb.

2014 ] We stayed in a hotel called Vis a Vis in Trieste in Italy.

This hotel is just off Unita Square, which is the centre of the city, so the location was excellent.

It opened 4 and a half years ago and the atmosphere was very modern.

Triest is the hometown of the coffee maker, illy, and there was an espresso machine in our room.

By the way, this hotel belongs to a hotel group of Grand Hotel Duchi D'Aosta, which is situated in front of our hotel.

For check in and out, and breakfast, we needed to go there.

I felt a bit of nuisance especially in the rainy morning.

This Grand Hotel has got a very long history whose beginning is 300 DC.

Accordint to their site, the celebrities like Bob Dylan and Anthony Hopkins stayed here and also there was a murder, too.

Next time I would like to stay in this hotel.