On Isle of Skye

On Isle of Skye

Portree on Isle of Skye
lovely town of Portree

[Aug. 2010] During our bus tour around the Highlands of Scotland, the accommodation on that day was in a port town called Portree on Isle of Skye.

Skye is the largest island in Scotland, but I didn’t feel like I’ve crossed to an island because it’s connected to the mainland by a bridge.

Portree is the largest and busiest town on the island.

It is a lovely place with colorful houses lined up around the bay.

This was the second time I visited Portree.

the room in Rosedale Hotel in Portree on Isle of Skye
lovely room with the gorgeous bed

The Rosedale Hotel facing the bay was our hotel this time.

And from our room, we could see the pink B & B where I had stayed at the first time on the diagonally opposite side.

The room was small but had a nice four poster bed and a nice atmosphere with a quaint window overlooking the bay.

That evening, we entered the bay-facing restaurant, which did not accept reservations, as soon as it opened and took a seat.

Unfortunately, I forgot the name of the restaurant.

I ate calamari and sea bass, as well as a heavy dessert with oats.

the nature of Isle of Skye
the magnificent nature on Skye

At the time of this meal, we were with an old American couple who was a tour companion (who had an atmosphere that could not be called a married couple).

They said that they made a big trip once every two years, using the academic conferences as an excuse.

The man was a historic (?) person who had been to pre-revolutionary Cuba in 1957.

The next day, we went around the Isle of Skye for a whole day.

Unfortunately, it was a day when the clouds hung low, but even so, the magnificence of the scenery was so close to me that humans seemed to be tiny.

Another bus guide from the same tour company, a slightly wild woman, said on a river at the foot of a waterfall, “If you put your face in this water for 7 seconds, you will be beautiful.” and she did it herself lying on her stomach on the ground.

Some of the tour participants followed her one after another.

I didn’t do it because I was already beautiful 🙂

great nature of Isle of Skye and people
tiny people in the nature

Unfortunately, I don’t remember the names of the places we went to within the Isle of Skye.

We had a good exercise on the day, including some hiking.

Along the way, we had a lunch that wasn’t worth mentioning at all, and we were at the same table with a Dutch / Italian couple who were on our tour.

Both of them were working for the European Union (EU) in Brussels.

a hut on the Isle of Skye
a small hut and the horizon

At such international organizations, the nationalities of the people who become bosses vary, and the way they work changes each time they change.

For example, when a Spaniard was their boss, the decision-making went straight from top to bottom, while when a Swede was the boss, the up-and-down relationships were loose and consultative.

When you join this kind of group tours, one of the enjoyable things is to interact with other participants, isn’t it.

Portree from a hill
looking down on Portree town

That evening we returned to our hotel in Portree and ate the seafood platter with crabs at the hotel restaurant.

It was very tasty and satisfactory, but I cut my finger deeply with the shell.

Oh yeah, on this trip, strangely, only I was bitten a lot by midges (insects smaller than mosquitoes, common in Scotland).