in Polperro

in Polperro

[ July, 2020 ] We walked from Looe, a town in Cornwall in the south western England to Polperro, a pretty fishing village.

England-Cornwall-Polperro-fishing boats
fishing boats in Polperro

This village seemed too touristy, but I saw some fishermen doing some work on their fishing boats, so it is still a fishing village.

It was Sunday with lovely weather, so there were many tourists in the village, who seemed to have totally forgotten about Corona Virus.

According to our guidebook, the best way to enter the village is from the walking path from Looe to see the best view of the village, as we did.

I think it is true.

England-Cornwall-Polperro-street-flowers-white houses
the houses in Polperro are mostly whitewashed

We could see the view of the Polperro from the higher point from the path and then walked down the narrow path between whitewashed walls of lovely cottages to the centre of the village.

We walked around, taking many photos, but it did not take long as it was a small place.

Because we had a long walk from Looe and we were getting hungry, we looked for somewhere to sit and eat snacks.

But most of the places were full.

When my legs were too tired to carry on, my husband found a outside table of a pub called The Blue Peter Inn.

We sat down and felt relieved.

England-Cornwall-Looe-people-hand pick crab
people are hand picking crabs

There, I had a wrap of hand picked crab.

Later in Looe, I saw people ‘hand picking’ crabs.

It seemed as simple as that putting the net with some feeds into the water and leaving it for a while.

And then when you pull it up, there are some crabs in the net.

It means so many crabs are around here.

Even the sign for the social distancing had a picture of a crab.

England-Cornwall-Looe-sign-social distancing-crab
the sign of the Social Distancing in Looe

When we went to St. Ives, another town in Cornwall a year ago, my husband had found online that the crabs around here were exported to Japan.

This hand picked crab wrap was very tasty.

My husband had the ciabatta sandwich of the crab instead of the wrap and when we ordered it, the old woman of the pub pronounced as ‘Si-a-batta’.

I had thought Ciabatta was already a well known word, but I realised that it was something unfamiliar to the old woman in the countryside.

Another younger waitress who looked like a typical pub worker was apparently from Croatia.

the view we were seeing while we were eating

It was interesting to know that people from unexpected countries are working at unexpected places.

Because of the Corona Crisis, the issue of Brexit has been hidden and as until the end of this year it is the transitional period, nothing has changed so far, but after that, I wonder if people like this woman can keep working here.

Now we finished eating the crab and the bill including two glasses of Guinness was about £27, which was OK.

After lunch, as we saw the sign of boat trip saying that it was running from Polperro to Looe and Fowey, another seaside town in Cornwall, we looked for it.

But unfortunately they were running only the 30 minutes trip around the bay on the day.

the wall with many shells

I wondered if it was something to do with Corona Crisis.

It would have been wonderful if we could have gone back to Looe by boat.

Because we would not dare to walk back to Looe, we looked for the bus stop.

The bus stop was not easy to find, but in the end we found it and the bus came just about on time.

The driver showed his reluctance to be working on the day, though.

In the bus, everyone except one was wearing the face masks.

We arrived back in Looe in half an hour.