Transport in Portugal (Portugal)

Transport in Portugal

[December, 2011] To get to the pretty village Monsaraz in Alentejo, Portugal, you have to change bus at a town called Reguengos de Monsaraz.

The local people pronounce the name of this town as if they are squeezing air from the bottom of their throat, which I can never imitate.

In Portugal I used buses to get to small towns, but it was quite difficult because buses are not frequent.

For example from Monsaraz to Reguengos, only three buses a day.

Only 20km distance, though.

Most of the people who use buses are old ones.

In the buses, I heard old women's constant conversation.

Fortunately, taxi fare is not too expensive in Portugal, so I took it fairly often when I was not patient enough to wait for the buses.

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