Via Po in Turin

Via Po in Turin

[ Feb.2015 ] The taxi driver we met in Turin in Italy knew a lot of things in art history in his town.

This street in the photo is Via Po, which links Piazza Reale and Po river.

Turin’s streets are laid out in a grid pattern, but this street runs diagonally.

There are many porticos on both sides and when we passed one with the beautiful ceiling, the driver said “Every time I come here, I feel fascinated”, and told us that this street has got 7 meters height difference between one end to the other, but somehow it was made not to let people feel that.

At the end of the street before the river, there is Piazza Vittorio Veneto, one of the largest square in Europe.

We sometimes come across this kind of taxi drivers who are good enough to be a guide.

I remeber meeting one in Parma and Genoa. It was a shame that we did not have enough time this time with him.