A square which used to be a bullring

A square which used to be a bullring

[ May, 2014 ] When we were walking around the old town of San Sebastian in Spain, we came across an unusual square.

It was surrounded by a big building whose colour was white with yellow frames and each window had a number ( like this ).

This square is called “La Conti”, or Constitution Square.

This was made in the early 19th century, and it was originally a bullring.

So the numbers on the windows were left over sign of the bullring boxes.

Nowadays this square is the stage of their festival called Tamborrada held on the 20th January and other big parties.

By the way, they still have a bullring.

It is opened in 1998 and situated inland, outside of the city.

It can contain up to 16000 people and has got a roof, apparently.

Although they say that Basque people are different from Spanish, they both seem to like bullfighting.