Was the waiter Don Quihote?

Was the waiter Don Quihote?

[ Mar.2014] On the second day of our stay in Toledo, Spain, after visiting the cathedral, we had our lunch in a restaurant nearby called Aurelio.

This was listed in our guide book.

On the ground floor, people were standing and eating as well as the other restaurant we went, and the restaurant was downstairs.

There was no written menu and a waiter, who looked like the Don Quixote came up to our table and started saying something.

So we said that we could not understand Spanish.

Then he said “I am speaking English!”.

Oh, well….

So we listened to him carefully and chose Catalan Soup (photo) for the starter and stewed partridge for the main.

Both of them were very tasty.

We had a glass wine each and dessert as well.

The bill was only 36 euros.