About the Delicious Lunch and Some Other Things

About the Delicious Lunch and Some Other Things

[ May 2018 ] For our lunch on the second day in Alghero, the town in Sardinia in Italy, we looked for a restaurant called Nautilus, which was recommended on a website.

According to the internet, this restaurant is open all day and that was why we chose it, as it was already late for lunch.

However, when we entered, a waiter said “I will ask the kitchen if they can still serve”.

Apparently, they were going to open all day from June.

Everything seemed to start in June, such as our hotel’s restaurant, various tours from this town and so on.

They regard the end of May as still a part of the low season, which I think is too late.

Luckily, the kitchen said yes, so we went up to the table where we could see the port.

This restaurant was posher than the one we went to the day before and the presentation was stylish.

For the starter, we shared a dish with four different foods, including something that looked like turban shell, which we do not usually see outside of Japan.

For the main, I chose Bottarga and Vongole spaghetti.

The spaghetti was too thick for me, but the orange-coloured Bottarga was not only in the sauce but was also sliced and scattered on top of the spaghetti, which was really good.

My husband chose tuna steak coated with pistachios and that was very tasty, too.

We both had the lemon sorbet for the dessert.

Including a bottle of wine and glasses of Mirto (a typical Sardinian liqueur), which was lighter but had a stronger taste of the herb than the usual one we drink in Milan, the bill was €95.50.

I was very satisfied.

There was a family from Portugal at the next table and the girl of about 2 years old was very pretty.

She went up to the other table on the balcony and became attached to a German man there, which was a heart- warming scene.

Her father did not show any interest, but this German man was expressing how much he loved children.

My husband likes children, but this man apparently does much more than him.

Children or dogs seem to have the intuition to find who loves them, don’t they?

After the good lunch and a short rest at the hotel, we came out again to take the Trenino (a sightseeing bus in the shape of a small train), whose adverts claim “You can find out all the details of the 900 years of this town”.

But as a result, we were very disappointed by this.

It was cheap, €5 per person, but the explanation was too simple. 

For example, “The tower on your right is octagonal, which is unusual” and they did not say anything about the reason.

I was expecting some local unique episodes.

On the way back from the Trenino, we saw children playing on a handmade merry-go-round at the square near Torre di Sulis.

There was a man who was dressed like a clown and he was pedaling at the centre.

That made the leather horses go around.

It was very well made and impressive.

By the way, we received information on this Torre di Sulis during our Trenino ride.

Apparently, a politician called Sulis in Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, situated south on the island, rebelled in the 18th century and he was confined to this tower for more than 20 years.

That is why this tower is called Torre di Sulis.

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