The famous Charles Bridge

The famous Charles Bridge

[ Sept.2013 ] One of the main tourist attractions in Prague is this Charles Bridge.

This bridge over Vltava River is more than 500m and there are 30 statues on it.

It was completed in 1390 after the previous bridge had been washed away during the 1342 flood.

The statues came later than that.

The oldest one is St.

John of Nepomuk around the middle of the bridge and that was built in 1683.

If you touch its relief, they say that you get a luck, or you can come back to Prague.

On the bridge, not only the statues but there were a lot of tourists.

On top of that, there were a row of booths selling souvenirs and accessories as well as buskers.

One of them were selling models of houses.

I bought one which is a model of a real house on the other side of the river.

It is perfect for my collection.

The increase of souvenir shops is another thing that is different from 19 years ago when I visited here last time.

In those days there were  only a few shops selling either Bohemian glasses or some wood craft things, and I remember thinking that there were not so many things I wanted to buy.

Now there are too many souvenir shops, so much so that I doubted the authenticity of the goods.