[ Feb.2016 ] We went to the aquarium called Oceanografico within the ‘City of Arts and Sciences’ in Valencia, Spain.

Because my husband loves fish, we have been quite a few aquariems in many places.

We had read that this one is the top of Europe, so our expectation was high.

When we entered, the dolphin show was just about to start, so first we went to see it.

I enjoyed it, thinking that the mind of dolphins are probably like dogs’ and because their faces look like smiling all the time, they look rather pretty and friendly.

After that, we walked around the site, but we realised that ‘top of Europe’ is only about the size of the site which is as big as 110000 square metres.

The tanks were large and fish looked freer, which was nice.

Also the tunnel made of the tank was lovely.

We could feel the fish closer.

But surprisingly the corals were dead, which was very sad.

When we saw that, the Spanish econimic crisis got into our mind again.

They spent huge amount of money to create this, but they may have taken the maintenance cost too easy.