Enjoyable and good foods

Enjoyable and good foods

[ Feb.2016 ] There is a lovely restaurant in the aquarium called Oceanografico in Valencia in Spain.

The name of the restaurant is Submarino.

The speciality here is the setting.

The restaurant space is surrounded by a huge fish tank and numerous silver fish are swimming there.

When I was watching it, I felt hypnotized.

Not only the silver ones, but there were some prawns walking the other way.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was a bit posh.

And when we went there, they had only three kinds of set menus, which were fairly pricey.

I thought it was for this special atmosphere, but in fact, the foods were very good, too.

They were elaborate creative dishes.

My main course was the steak, which was grilled a little too much, but the apple sauce was excellent.

Also the bullion shaped dessert was very good.

A friend of us in London recommended this place.

Otherwise we would have missed it, as I would not think there was a good restaurant in an aquarium.