Building Which Used to be a Prison

Building Which Used to be a Prison

[ Oct.2015 ] The first place we visited in Gdansk in Poland was a building which used to be a prison and a torture chamber.

It was built originally in the 14th century as a fortress and a gate to the town.

At the end of the 16th century, it became a prison and was used until the middle of the 19th century.

When we joined the walking tour, we learned about the statue without a head located up on the tower.

Apparently there are two theories about it:

1) A villain who wanted to go through the gate tried to give a bribe to a guard.

He was captured and beheaded.

To teach people a lesson, they made this statue.

2) A daughter of a guard was turned down by a man.

She tricked her father and let the father arrest him.

She made her father sleep by poisoning him and dressed up as the father and cut the man’s head off.

The statue was made to commemorate this anecdote.

The second story of the wicked woman is interesting, isn’t it?

Women are usually victims, so listening to this story, I felt rather good.

Poland is a Catholic country.

Some priests and nuns were visiting here, too.

The man, who seemed to be a priest, was pretending to be handcuffed and the nuns roared with laughter.

Are they allowed to behave like this…?