Canals in Milan

Canals in Milan

[ July, 2013 ] Our friends took us to Navigli, the trendy area in Milan.

They say that during weekends, this place is full of young people and it is difficult to walk without bumping each other.

Fortunately, the day we went was Monday but in the evening it was fairly lively.

Apparently, in the past there were a lot of canals in Milan.

It started being built in late 12th century and it was as long as 150km in its heyday.

The construction of the Duomo was possible because of the canals that people could bring materials from Lago Maggiore through canals.

But slowly it fell out of use and by the 1970s many of them were filled in.

Now only three are left.

This area was poor, but in 1980s artists started living here and gradually it has become fashionable.

Very similar to east London.