Churches are deadly serious

Churches are deadly serious

[ July, 2014 ] We used the last day in Zadar in Croatia for visiting churches.

The weather was not very nice, so it was the best day to spend time indoor.

The old town of Zadar is in a small penisula whose width is about 300 metres and length is less than 1 kilometre, but there are about 10 churches.

The main industry here is obviously tourism, but churches seemed to want to draw a line from tourism.

First of all, the opening time of the churches were very limited, about 8 am to noon and in the afternoon they were open only one and a half hours.

No shorts for both men and women, and photography was prohibited.

Especially in St.Simeon’s church, they made some partition so that the tourists could walk only a small area and a guard was watching us.

I read that nearly 90% of Croatian people were Catholic, but there was one Serbian Orthodox church in Zadar.

I opened the door of this church and literally peeped in, then a dressed up priest came and closed the door without saying a word.

I thought they would not lose anything by behaving in a bit more friendly manner.

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