Highlight of this holiday

Highlight of this holiday

[Sept. 2022] The highlight of our trip to Dubrovnik in Croatia was the city wall.

people walking on the city wall of Dubrovnik, Croatia
the wall is so popular

As the guidebook says, “No trip to Dubrovnik is complete without walking on the world’s greatest city wall.”

That’s why it’s crowded.

From near the Pile Gate, the main gate to the old city, we climbed a rather steep staircase to the wall, but there was already a queue.

The direction of walking on the ramparts is fixed and no retrogression is allowed.

And since everyone takes pictures, there are places where it is difficult to progress.

But this is a rampart really worth walking.

the cafe on the city wall of Dubrovnik, Croatia
the cafe of the wall with the nice view

It was built between the 13th and 16th centuries and has a total length of 2 kilometres.

It is said that the height is 25 meters at the highest point.

The thickness is 6 meters on the inland side while on the sea side it is 1.5 to 3 meters.

I heard during the previous day’s walking tour that it was so strong that it survived the 1667 earthquake.

Walking on this wall, there are quite a lot of ups and downs, and it is difficult for the elderly, but I was impressed that there were quite a few elderly people who were walking all the way.

There are some cafes and souvenir shops along the way, so you can take a break.

sea view seen from the city wall of Dubrovnik, Croatia
the beautiful sea seen from the wall

If you find something that appeals to you at these souvenir shops, you have to buy it on the spot, because the pass on the wall is one way and you cannot come back.

We walked along the wall on a sunny day, so we were able to enjoy the beautiful colours of the sea.

The town itself was also very photogenic.

During the walking tour, we were told that the roofs of the houses that were bombed during the war in the 90’s were new and the roofs of the houses that survived the bombings were old. .

And we found that majority of the roofs were new.

the old town of Dubrovnik seen from the city wall
roofs of the old town

On the one hand, that means there are many houses that have suffered damage, but on the other hand, as 30 years have passed since the conflict, I think that there are quite a few houses that simply had their roofs dubbed.

Along the way, in a less popular spot, I saw a man kneeling with what appears to be a ring box in his hand.

He was clearly proposing.

Proposing in a place like this is so romantic!

It’s hard for the woman to say no. . .

The sunlight was strong and we felt hot and sweaty, but we finally made our way around.

the beer in Dubrovnik, Croatia
refreshing beer

After getting down from the wall, we went to Sesame, a restaurant outside the city wall, and the beer I drank was exceptionally nice and refreshing.

By the way, we ate seafood risotto here.

The risotto was topped with mussels and crayfish and looked rather poor, but the rice itself was mixed with shellfish and squids and it was very delicious.