While we were enjoying our walk at night in Venice, we went down a small side road and found a little restaurant specialized in Cicchetti.

On that day, we had had a big lunch, so we only wanted something light for dinner. They had a menu which was just right for us.

This is called Cicchetti.

As you can see from the photo, they are like small, open sandwiches and a bit similar to Pintxo, which we ate in Basque in Spain.

They were small but the ingredients on top were sophisticated.

The restaurant was full inside, so we took a table outside. After a while, a group of young men came and sat at the next table.

They spoke loudly with Venetian accents.

It was a rare occasion because we heard foreign languages almost all the time in Venice, which is so popular with tourists.

So this restaurant was a place to which the local people came.

I think the name of it was All’ Amarone.

[ Oct.2015 ]

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