Coffee culture

Coffee culture

[ Feb.

2014 ] Trieste is in Italy, but because it was under Hapsburg dynasty for a long time, the coffee culture which is to spend time in a cafe drinking coffee like in Vienna has taken root.

Becoming tired after walking, we went in to one of those cafes called Cafe Tommaseo.

It has got the atmosphere of its  opening time of 1830.

The famous people like the author James Joyce and the local poet Umberto Saba frequented here.

According to my guide book, the original coffee culture started in Vienna when Turkish army tried to attack there in 1683.

When they wathdrew, they left sacks of coffee behind and Viennese leaned the taste of it.

The port city of Triest naturally became the main place to get the imported coffee.

The world famous ‘illy’ was started here by a Hungarian officer apparently.

At the Tommaseo, I drank a glass of juice as I was so thursty, but later at Cafe Degli Specchi which has been there since 1839,  I had a cup of Viennese coffee.

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