going up the bell tower of Alghero’s cathedral and then eat Pintxos

going up the bell tower of Alghero’s cathedral and then eat Pintxos

[ Aug.2020 ] It has been a week since we arrived in Alghero, the town in the north western Sardinia in Italy.

We took out the rubbish as everyone else in the apartment block did on the day.

the rocky shore

And at lunch break, we went out to see the sea beyond the supermarket we often went to.

The shore around here were rocky, but some were enjoying swimming.

We walked towards south along the sea for a while.

This area seemed newly developed, but the work seemed to have stopped because of Covid-19.

we enjoyed the sea breeze there

The sea breeze was pleasant and my husband was taking deep breath many times.

On the way back, we noticed that one penthouse was on sale, from which you could see the sea.

We said that it would be nice to live such a place and looked up on the internet to find that it was quite spacious flat with the double square metres of our flat in London and three bathrooms.

And price was €650000.

It would cost three times more in London.

Italy-Sardinia-Alghero-cathedral-bell tower-spiral staircase
the spiral stairs in the bell tower

After our work in the afternoon, we went out again this time for climbing the bell tower of the cathedral which was open between 7 pm and 9 pm.

We leaned about this during our walking tour a couple of days before and thanks to this tour, we did not get lost in the old town which was like a maze and arrived at the cathedral without any difficulties.

The admission fee for the bell tower was €3 each.

The worker there put the hand sanitiser on our hands and took our temperature, which we did not expect at all.

Italy-Sardinia-cape Caccia-sea
the silhouette of the cape Caccia

I liked their cautious attitude and that gave us the assurance.

We had to climb the narrow spiral staircase, but fortunately it was not that long.

I did not count the steps, but before I got tired, we arrived at the top.

It was just before the sunset, and the light was lovely for the view.

We could look down at the town of Alghero as well as the port.

We also saw the silhouette of cape Caccia.

Here at the cape, there is a limestone cave called Grotta di Nettuno, where we had visited two years ago.

We stayed there at the top of the tower and waited for the sunset for the warmer light for a while.

During that time, there were quite a few people coming up.

This bell tower seemed popular, though it never got too crowded.

inside the Pintxo restaurant

Unfortunately because of the clouds, the sky did not become red and the light became weak, so we gave up and came down to the ground.

We were planning to have a light supper in the old town.

I had a feeling that we had seen the restaurant in front of the cathedral, so we went around there.

Yes, it was this one which was the Pintxos restaurant we had looked for on the first evening.

I did not realise it was just in front of the cathedral.

The name was SardOa.

two kinds of Pintxos

I had the Pintxos of jamon (Spanish ham) and the one of anchovy first and then went up to the counter and chose the Pintxo of small fish which could be young eel and the one of monkfish.

All of them were very good and satisfactory.

My husband had the Pintxos of tuna, dried cod, jamon and asparagus.

We had two glasses of wine each and the bill was only €46.