“Customers are God”

“Customers are God”

[ Jan.2015 ] I continue about the My Son in Vietnam.

This ruin was the sanctuary for the ancient Chmpa Kingdom and in those days only priests, king and some of the aristocrats were allowed to enter here.

After explaining this in Japanese, our powerful guide, Mr.Hai said “But you are greater.

Because the customers are god ( in Japan we say this, meaning customers are always right) .”

After the fall of Champa Kingdom, My Son was left abandoned, but in the 19th century, French archeologists found it and investigated it.

At that time, about 70 brick structures were found.

But later, during the Vietnam War, Americans bombed this ruins blindly, thinking that enemies were hiding here.

So now only 20 structures are left.

We saw a hole on the ground where the bomb was fallen and also the bombs themselves at the museum.

Mr.Hai said “Americans are physically big, but they have weak mind”.

It has been 40 years since the war ended.

For Vietnamese people the tragedy seemed to be still raw.