[ Jan.2015 ] On the night of Lantern Festival in Hoi An in Vietnam, when we were walking satisfied with a good dinner, a woman called us saying “It is one dollar each.

Why don’t you try?” and gave us the wooden cards on this photo.

We paid 1 dollar each and got ushered to the open air hall without knowing what these cards were for.

Soon we found that this was a game like bingo.

There was a couple in front, talking and making people laugh and they picked up a stick with some pattern on.

If the pattern was the same as one of the patterns on your card, you won.

The people who won received a yellow flag.

This process was repeated several times.

While staring with amazement, I received two flags and in the end they pulled me to the front.

Apparently I was one of the two grand winners.

The prize was a lantern which is the speciality of this town and a DVD about this town.

Winning in the beginning of the year, I was so lucky! Although we could not laugh like the local people in the hall as we could not understand their language, but being surrounded by the cheerful atmosphere, we had a lovely time.