[ Jan.2015 ] In Da Nang where we did sight seeing by Cyclo, the Vietnamese bicycle rickshaw, we went to Cham Museum.

The drivers did not come with us to guide us, so we walked around on our own and could not understand the details of the contents, but generally speaking, the exhibits were sculptures of ancient Chmpa Kingdom.

The outstanding statue of Bodhisattva ( a bit too scary to call it that name) is a national treasure.

In the museum shop, I found a fish shaped bag made by disabled children very attractive, so bought some.

I wonder, because it is a socialist country, they have works by disabled people at a museum shop?  I used the toilet here and found a funny sign on the door, telling not to step on the toilet bowl.

So some people do that….

We were also taken to Da Nang Museum, but it was closed.

It seemed a museum of history of Da Nang.

There was a helicopter of US force in the garden.