Photo business

Photo business

[ Jan.2015 ] After lunch in Hoi An in Vietnam, there was a short free time, so we went down to the river.

There, some picture-perfect middle aged women with a conic hat and a carrying pole with colourful fruits were waiting.

I thought they were trying to sell the fruits, but they were not.

One woman came up to me, who was a desirable prey, and forced me to carry her pole and let my husband to take a photo and asked for some money.

This was their business.

We did not know the value of the currncy very well, and gave her 20000 dong (about 60 pence, or 82 cent).

Clearly she was not happy, but at that moment other tourists came down there and her interest moved towards them, so we could get away with it.
Since then, we met many women like her in the town, but one photo was enough for us, so we refused them every time.

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