The embroidery

The embroidery

[ Jan.2015 ] In the tour in Hoi An in Vietnam, we were taken to a kind of craft centre next.

The proper name was ‘Fine Arts – Handicraft Manufacture Hoi An’.

According to Mr.Hai, our guide, this place is a state shop, so people can shop witout any worries and the prices are clearly marked.

Well, we saw many shops with similar names afterwards.

Here, we were explained about how to make the silk thread and saw the way the silkworms grow up.

Then, we saw women embroidering with the threads.

It is an intricate work.

Here they did not have their own patterns, but they were copying photos or paintings as exactly they are.

We let out an exclamation of admiration seeing their works which were so similar to the original images.

And I accepted the guide’s explanation, ” Because they have to be able to see very well to do this work, the workers here are all young.”