gem on top of the mountain

gem on top of the mountain

[ Feb.2018 ] On the last day of our short holiday in Andalucia in the south of Spain, because our flight was late at around 7 pm, we decided to go to Casares which the staff of the tourist office recommended.

Our plan was to leave our luggage in a coin-locker at the bus station in Marbella and take a bus up to Estepona, a seaside town and from there we were going to take a taxi to Casares.

But the bus to Estepona was so slow.

It spent more time parking at the bus stops than moving and we could not see when we would arrive at the destination.

And the view from the bus window was very Costa del Sol, meaning that the view was nothing but the depressing mass resort scenes.

So we gave it up, got off the bus and took a taxi.

When we said where we were going, the taxi driver looked happy, not only because it was a long journey, but he seemed to like the inland natural view of mountains.

He was proud, saying “It is beautiful here, isn’t it”.

The fare was €50 (£44, $61), but it was worth it.

The spot we got out of the taxi had a great view of the village, so much so that I could not help myself saying ‘Wow!’.

The scene with those little white houses piled up on the slope was like in a fairy tale.

Antequera, the place we visited the day before was beautiful with white houses, too, but this one was more compact and the slope was steeper.

There seems to be many pretty villages in Andalucia.

I remember that when we went to Ronda and took a taxi to go outiside of the town some years ago, we saw some of them.

We went down the steep narrow slopes slowly from the view point to the main square of the village, taking many photos.

There were many people sitting around in the square and they seemed to be waiting for a funeral procession.

I wanted to walk around the village more, but because our time was limited, we went into the restaurant facing the square, which had a terrace.

The name was La Bodeguita de en Medio.

As you can see, even when we do not have time, we do not neglect our meals!

We climbed up the stairs to enter the restaurant, but nobody was there, so we had to raise our voice to get an attention.

The place looked very easy going.

We ordered the day’s special; stewed Iberian pork and ox tail stewed in red wine.

They must have stewed them for a long time because both of them were nice and tender.

The starter which they served without us asking for was anchovy, which was very tasty, too.

We asked for the local wine and the one they brought was the one from Ronda, whose taste was nice and robust.

For the dessert, I chose a cream caramel and they served with a lot of cream and a lot of fruits, which I could not eat all.

The middle aged man who seemed to be the owner served us and his expression was always proud as if to say “It tastes good, doesn’t it”.

It was a great atmosphere of a small local restaurant which I liked very much.

I did not want to leave the village, but we had to go after lunch.

One day I wish we could do a tour visiting all the lovely villages in Andalucia.

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