meal at the bullring in Antequera

meal at the bullring in Antequera

[ Feb.2018 ] During our short holiday in Andalucia in Spain, we went for the day to Antequera from Marbella where we stayed.

That was because on the previous day when we visited the tourist office of Andalucia in Malaga, the staff there recommended us to visit either Antequera or Casares for a one day trip.

And according to the weather forecast, it would rain in Casares and would only be cloudy in Antequera  on the day, so we decided to go to Antequera.

First, we had to go to Malaga from Marbella, 40 minutes bus journey and then changed the bus to get to Antequera which took another one hour or so.

When we were in the queue to get the bus tickets to Antequera at the Malaga bus station, the person in the window gestured that we must buy them using the machine and this machine was a bit of trouble.

We pressed the buttons on the expected questions on the destination, number of the people, etc, but at the end, it asked us a post code and we got stuck.

Luckily, a person near us was a foreign tourist and she told us “Any 5 numbers would do” and we did that and finally managed to get the tickets.

When we arrived at the bus station in Antequera, it was already 1:30pm, which was lunch time.

So we searched for restaurants on the internet and found a good looking one called Restaurante Plaza de Toros.

It seemed located in a square in the bullring.

According to the mobile map, the bullring was near to the bus station, so we walked and found that the restaurant was a part of the bullring building.

Before entering the restaurant, we peeped in the bullring itself.

Apparently this bullring was originally built in 1848, but renovated considerably in 1980s and now it is regarded as one of the top 5 beautiful bullrings in Andalucia alongside the one in Ronda and in Seville.

So it is often used as a location for videos and films.

They have bullfighting in May and August.

The restaurant was very spacious, according to their website, it has 300 square metres and maybe because it was  Monday afternoon, it was nearly empty.

Apart from us, there was only one table occupied by some business customers.

The waiter was wearing a uniform and he was very nice and polite.

I chose fried aubergine sticks marinated with honey for the starter, whose taste reminded me of Karinto (Japanese fried cookies).

My husband chose ravioli with zucchinis.

My main was skewered pork and bull’s meat which tasted nice and simple.

My husband’s pork with caramelized sweet apple sauce was nice, too.

By then, I was quite full, so I had the lemon sorbet for the dessert, but my husband had a local cake.

On the plate of the cake, there was a picture of “Dolmen” drawn with chocolate powder, though we did not recognise it until the waiter told us so.

We did not know, but in the suburbs of this town, there are some ruins of dolmens which were listed in the Unesco World Heritage fairly recently.

This satisfactory lunch was about €82 (£71, $100) including a bottle of wine.

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