Cow’s lip

Cow’s lip

[ May 2014 ] We asked the hotel receptionist in Bilbao in Spain for the recommendation for a restaurant.

He told us the name Rio Oja and the address, so we looked for it.

When we found it, I was surprised to see that this restaurant was very simple.

There were some dishes already cooked in the pans and we could see and choose across the bar.

I ate a dish of cow’s lips for the first time in my life here ( I tend to jump at the rare things).

Both the texture and the taste were like dishes of internal organs such as tripe stew.

I also had the squid in ink.

For the dessert, I was not adventurous and chose cream caramel.

All were good.

I had an impression that these were the things the local people eat for their every day life.

I was grateful to the hotel receptionist who recommended this restaurant, not the modern pompous ones.

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