A little posh restaurant

A little posh restaurant

[ Oct.2015 ] In the evening when we arrived in Como in northern Italy, we had a walk in the town and looked for a restaurant where we could have a light dinner.

The restaurant we found and entered was called Cibooooh.

It wasn’t until we were led to the back of the premises that we realised that this was a serious restaurant. It was not the sort of place for a quick bite.

The dressed up customers were chatting very quietly.

We realised that we had made a mistake, but by then we felt too awkward to leave, so we stayed on.

As you can see, the way they presented the ravioli was rather elegant.

The names on the menu were a bit strange, so the dish I ordered, thinking it was meat, turned out to be fish.

It tasted good, though.

After our meal, we went to the bar area to pay.

The design of the bar was somewhat like a sushi bar.

The surprisingly friendly owner told us that he had opened here three years ago.

Before that, it was a Japanese restaurant run by some Chinese people for only one year, but they were not successful, so he bought it.

Then, he offered us a glass of Amaro.