Polignano A Mare, revisited

Polignano A Mare, revisited

[ Apr.2013 ] The last destination in our family trip in Puglia, southen Italy was Polignano A Mare.

I came here two years ago.

This town was originally built by Greek and the houses are all white.

This time I did not think so special about whiteness of the town, maybe because we had travelled around this region and found that there were a lot of white towns in Puglia.

Basically the houses here are white, probably because it is very hot in summer.

By the way, one of my family wanted to buy a memory card.

When we asked in a souvenir shop in the old town, they misunderstood that we wanted a battery which made us laugh a bit.

We found the correct one in the new part of the town but it was so expensive compared with the shops in cities.

When I am travelling, I often think that I wish to live such a pretty town, but this small happening made me realise that living there must be quite tough.