To Riga (Latvia)

To Riga

[ July2016 ] We had a short holiday in Riga in Latvia, one of the three Baltic countries. This was one of the places I always wanted to go, but there was a reason why we decided to go there rather suddenly. We heard the news that Russia might invade the country soon. I thought it cannot be true as Latvia is already an EU member and they even use Euro. But we had the previous experience that a few months after we visited Crimea, it was invaded by Russia. So we decided to go to Latvia now, while it is still an independent country. If it becomes Russia, we will need the visa, won’t we.

This is the photo of our room in the hotel in Riga called SemaraH Hotel Metropole. It was not a big room, but the ceiling was high and the floor was wooden, which gave the nice dignified atmosphere. The location was very good and the people at the reception was friendly. They told us how to get here and there including how to get on the bus very kindly.

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