March in the heavy rain

March in the heavy rain

[ Jun.2016 ] We had guests from abroad so we decided to go to Windsor together. We thought it would be better to see the guards’ march, so we checked the time and went there in time. And just when the march was about to start, all of a sudden the sky became dark and the next moment it began to rain heavily. We, the tourists could open our umbrellas, but the guardsmen could not. They were wearing those huge hats made of bear skin, so I am sure their heads were not wet, but maybe the hats became even heavier with the rain. They were well trained so even in the heavy rain they marched away in good order. Their speed was so fast. This was my second time to see this march. It was early spring last time, so they were wearing grey coats, but this time they were wearing the fascinating red uniform. After a while the rain stopped, so on the way back after the ceremony in the castle, they marched in the sun.

This time we did not get into the castle but walked around the Long Walk and along the River Thames. There were so many swans on the river, which made me feel a bit sick.

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