My Fair Lady in Italian

My Fair Lady in Italian

[ Nov.

2013 ] We saw the #musical, #”My Fair Lady” in Rome.

It was in Italian.

The sentence, “The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain” plays a major part in the story.

In cockney, they pronounce “rain” and “Spain” with a-i sound rather than e-i sound.

Successfully correcting this is one of the highlights in the plot.

So I was very interested to see how they express this part in Italian.

I found that they used a sentence with very similar meaning, which was “La pioggia in Spagna bagna la campagna” (The rain in Spain wets the plain).

The “gna” sounds were rhymed here.

I could not understand how they wanted it to be corrected, but generally, it seemed that Sicilian accent was corrected to the standard Italian.

“My Fair Lady” is famous and I wonder if there is a Japanese version.

How do they translate this part into Japanese?