Old-time wedding

Old-time wedding

[ June, 2014 ] In a small town of Bettolle in Tuscany in Italy, there was a festival of an old time wedding.

I do not know how they chose them, but some of the local people got together in the main square wearing 50s clothes.

The special people such as the bride, the groom, the priest and the photographer seemed professional actors.

Both adults and children were really pretty and it was like watching an old film.

This region is famous for its cows called Chianina, which is best for the big steak.

Before the ceremony, there was a parade of classic tractors with the announcement that ” Before the tractor, Chianinas were used for the labour.

When the tractors became popular, people started eating Chianinas”.

Cheers for tractors!  After that the bride appeared on the cart pulled by two Chianinas.

Separately, there was a classic motorcycle race here.

Anywhere in Tuscany, they were having various festivals in this season.