The hotel with full of history

The hotel with full of history

[ June, 2014 ] The hotel we stayed in Cortona in Tuscany was Hotel San Michele facing the steep slope in the old town.

From the outside, it looked old and historical, and in fact it was the historical place.

Not only me, but probably many guests ask about the history, so they had prepared a sheet of paper entitled “The History”.

According to that, this place was a part of the city wall in the 11th century, but became a mansion of a marquis in the 12th century.

And then, in 1206, it became a public place which functioned as a court.

But around 1410, then Florentine Republic gave this place to Baldelli family and since then it had been called The Baldelli Palace.

Here the Etruscan Academy, whose aim was to spread the knowlage of Etruscan culture, was founded in the 18th century and they had meetings in the Palace.

A woman in the hotel told us that the members of the Academy studied during the night.

Probably in 100 years time, someone will be saying “this place was once a hotel”.

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